Too Much Art

Adventures in Art Writing; Part II

Ambitious and Convoluted; Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life

Bring Back 1-800-MD-Tusch; On The Irrelevance of Public Art

Curatorial Decor; on the Triumph of the Installation Aesthetic

Dynamic Duo: Pat Lay and Theresa Ellerbock at Sideshow Gallery

Eating Bananas In Silent Anger; The Lives Artists Lead and The Plans They Make

Enough Already; Do We Really Need Another de Kooning Retrospective?

George Washington, Captain Kirk & The Nature of Perception; On How Our Eyes Are Changing

Give One Million Monkeys One Million Brushes And In One Million Years You’d Get . . . Las Meninas?; Was Randall Jarell Right?

God Bless America; on Tony Matelli

Hilton Kramer (1928-2012)

Kurt Knobelsdorf at Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects

Me, Me, Me; Laurel Nakadate at P.S. 1

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss–Kind Of; Art School Heroes, Revised

New Year’s Eve With Florine Stettheimer & Isabella Rossellini; Curious About The Former, Pining For The Latter

Painting, Cornered

Sarasota Oasis, Duchampian Detour; Goodbye, Marcel

Slumming in Corona; Tonia Bruguera and the Disenfranchised of Queens, New York

The Most Depressing Exhibition of Art I Have Ever Seen; on Gerhard Richter

The Saddest Song In The World, Then The Most Joyous; on The Mekons and Flipper

Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian Gallery

Christmas At Spiral Jetty

Don Olsen at The Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Don Van Vliet, Dead at 69

Edward Hopper at The Whitney Museum of American Art

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt at The Neue Galerie

Honore In The Middle; On The Craft of Writing & Balzac’s The Unknown Masterpiece

Jan Gossart at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lucas Samaras at Pace Gallery

Mika Rottenberg at Mary Boone Gallery

Philip Pearlstein at Betty Cuningham Gallery

Robert Rauschenberg at Gagosian Gallery

Sherrie Levine at Paula Cooper Gallery

Thomas Nozkowski at Pace Gallery

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