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“Ingenuity and Invention”: The International Collage Center

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The International Collage Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to a medium with its own “unique lexicon of forms and values”, has its eye on a Masonic Temple in Milton, Pennsylvania as a permanent home. In the meantime, Founder and Artistic Director Pavel Zoubok, along with Director Rachel Lawe, have organized Remix; Selections From the International Collage Center, a traveling exhibition featuring pieces from the Center’s permanent collection.

I’m pleased (and flattered) that a piece of mine is part of this grand venture. Other artists included in the collection are John Ashbery, Josh Dorman, Jess, Don Joint, Ken Kewley, Ann Shostrom, Jacques Villeglé and Joseph Cornell, whose Madame Mallarmé’s Fan (1954) is featured on the invitation seen above.

You’ll find more info about Remix here. As for the ICC, there’s this piece from Art in America.

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