Time Out New York

 The following questions were posed to a variety of New York-based critics and subsequently published in Time Out New York. Following are the responses given by Mario Naves.

We’re at this crossroads, where print and online content are intertwined, and no one’s sure how it will all shake out. So, deep breath: What’s the essential question facing the future of criticism?

Criticism entails enough falling on one’s ass as it is–why ask for more of the same trying to guess the future? Better to keep the next deadline in mind than to moon over a crystal ball. The essential question is how to keep on one’s toes.

I want to start a critical blog! How do I make an impact online, given all the choices?

If I had a clue, I’d be doing it.

So if I’m 18 years old, call you and tell you I want to be a critic, what advice do you give? Go for it? Don’t?

Get a day job.

Finally, the age-old question, spun differently: Will critics matter . . . in 2020?

From our cave-dwelling ancestors to the here and now, the fundamental question remains: Is a given thing any good? You might as well ask if sex will matter in 2020.

© 2007 Mario Naves

Originally published in the December 6-12, 2007 edition of Time Out New York.

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