Biala at Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Bill Scott at Albemarle Gallery, London

Celia Gerard at Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Chris Duncan at Union College

Frances Hynes at June Kelly Gallery

Gerald Hayes at Southern Cross University Art Museum

Hester Simpson at Ricco Maresca Gallery

James Little at June Kelly Gallery

Josh Dorman Interview

Kazimira Rachfal at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery

Laura Dodson at Gallery 7

Maryam Amaryani at Jonathan Cooper Gallery

Saul Steinberg at The Morgan Library

Scott Malbaurn at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery

Sue Hettmansperger at A.I.R. Gallery

Stephanie Hightower at Cheryl McGinnis Gallery

Tom Goldenberg: Paintings & Drawings

“Wit” at The Painting Center

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