“Wit” at The Painting Center

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The painter Joanne Freeman has curated an exhibition of contemporary abstract art that keys into how the disruption of “preconceived standards” can “alter assumptions, surprise, reinvent and communicate wit”:

“It is a mistake to polarize humor and intellect since they work best in unison. Wit suggests qualities of the human spirit in an overly synchronized world.” 

The artists who embody “the imperfection that identifies personality”? Marina Adams, Joe Fyfe, Barbara Gallucci, Philis Ideal, Jonathan Lasker, Sarah Lutz, Doreen McCarthy, Thomas Nozwkowski, Paul Pagk, Ruth Root, Fran Shalom, Stephen Westfall, the curator herself and your humble writer. Westfall has contributed an essay to the catalogue; so have I:

“Eschewing the purity that was once abstraction’s sine qua non, the artists featured in Wit opt for an almost promiscuous inclusivity. No inspiration is suspect. High-flown ambitions–sure, we got ‘em; historical cognizance, too. But these artists are also characterized by a willingness to embrace a veritable laundry list of references: nature, narrative, comics, design, technology, science, representation and, not least, humor.”

The opening reception takes place on Thursday, January 31, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. A panel discussion is set for the evening of February 14th–Valentine’s Day!

So much for love, but let’s hear it for Wit.

© 2013 Mario Naves

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