In The Studio And Out There

* * *

I’m not inclined to welcome the term “douche baggery” into the lexicon of contemporary art, but Mark Stone’s use of the phrase fits the temper of his “Week In/Weak Out” post at Henri Art Magazine.

Stone’s entry on desolation, fear and “simmering anger” is an accurate gauge of what many artists, both in New York City and not, feel about a scene wherein “Postmoderns continue to work without challenge”. You won’t see The New York Times, ArtNews or Artforum address the on-the-ground concerns of working painters with as much candor and confusion; you’ll hardly see them address these issues at all.

I wish an editor had helped Stone clarify his thoughts about “the different” and “the unique”, but that’s not to say they can’t be parsed. For a lot of us, they make perfect sense indeed.

© 2011 Mario Naves

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