Getting From There To Here

Most of the terms that bring people to this blog are straight forward–names of artists, titles of paintings, things like that. But once in a while, a phrase pops up that raises a smile or an eyebrow. Some are vaguely poetic, like lines of haiku that have strayed from home. One or two would be a great name for a punk rock band.  (“Ladies and gentleman, let’s give it up for . . . Russian Locker Room Voyeur!!!”)

Below is a list of some of these quizzical or cryptic items, most of which do lead to something or other in the archive. I reiterate: most of which. What Kandinsky is doing in “Black’s Grave”, I can’t tell you. As for the winsome question ending the list: would that this were that kind of blog.  I’d be making a lot more money.

How Much Art In A Room Is Too Much

Abstract Bitch

Art Is Too Much Money

Photos of Buck-Toothed Women

De Kooning’s Woman-Eating Females

This Painting Has Been Found

Morandi’s Palette? Morandi’s Palette!

Zaftig Figurative Nude Art

Pictures of Fawn Hall

Sauna Outfit

Parent Haircut

Scrabble Board Love

Apocalyptic Kitsch

Kandinsky in Black’s Grave

Erotic Draw Down

Russian Locker Room Voyeur

Artists Paint Things That Scare Themselves

Average Blowjob Time?

© 2011 Mario Naves

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