Coming In April

John Storrs, Forms in Space (1927), stainless steel and copper, 20-1/2″ x 4″ x 5/8″; courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

* * *

This just in from NYU: Grey Art Gallery will be mounting an exhibition of sculptures, drawings and paintings by the American artist John Storrs (1885-1956).

What I know about Storrs’ work has been gleaned from the stray piece exhibited here-and-there and an effusive review in The New York Times (collected in this invaluable resource), wherein Hilton Kramer pined for “a large museum show that will give us a view of [Storr’s] accomplishment in its totality.” That article was published forty years ago and The Grey Art Gallery isn’t large, but better late and modest than not at all.

What the exhibition will look like is anybody’s guess, but given that Debra Bricker Balken is steering the thing–she’s had a significant hand in organizing terrific shows devoted to Arthur Dove and the Park Avenue Cubists, along with being the author of (among other things) Philip Guston’s Poor Richard–bets are that John Storrs: Machine-Age Modernist will be something to blog home about.

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