New Year’s Eve with Florine Stettheimer and Isabella Rossellini

Florine Stettheimer (c. 1910) and Isabella Rossellini (c. 1980)

* * *

Being a new hand at blogging, I’ve been curious as to what kind of items bring people here. According to WordPress’s handy stats menu, it’s this, that, the other thing, Egon Schiele and Wassily Kandinsky. But what accounts for yesterday’s preponderance of visitors wanting information on the American painter Florine Stettheimer? Certainly, there are worse artists to seek out upon putting the past year to bed and few who lend themselves better to witty revelry. At the very least, I was prompted to dust off this review of The Power of Conversation: Jewish Women and Their Salons, an exhibition in which Stettheimer figured prominently, as well as to again make public my fervent wish to be within whispering distance of Isabella Rossellini.

Postscript. It figures: Stettheimer’s Heat (c. 1919) was mentioned by Roberta Smith–you know, the better half of Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite art critic–in yesterday’s New York Times. Thanks to Mercy Wright for the tip.

© 2010 Mario Naves


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