Mika Rottenberg at Mary Boone

Mika Rottenberg, Mary Boone with Cube (2010), photograph; courtesy Mary Boone Gallery

* * *

The life-size photograph of a malevolent Mary Boone is the least objectionable aspect of Squeeze (2010), a video installation by Mika Rottenberg currently on view at the veteran dealer’s 24th Street location.  Squeeze is an effective, icky and nettlesome amalgamation of Eraserhead, Pink Flamingos and Matthew Barney as informed by the theories of an aggrieved economics major.

Be warned:  The film is holed up in a small cubicle toward the back of the gallery; it’s almost impossible to see on a crowded Chelsea Saturday.  If the idea was to create a space as cramped as those seen in Rottenberg’s film, well, point taken.

Read the full article here.

© 2010 Mario Naves

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