Elisa D’Arrigo at Elizabeth Harris Gallery

Elisa D'Arrigo Sewn Works Archive cloth, thread, acrylic paintElisa D’Arrigo, Budding (6) (2001), cloth, thread and acrylic paint, 33″ x 47″ x 49″; courtesy Elizabeth Harris Gallery

* * *

Unlike a lot of contemporary body art, Elisa D’Arrigo’s sculpture offsets biological fatalism with formal vigor, a move that isn’t a denial of mortality as much as it is a nod to sustenance.  Her cranky, fragmented forms are also more allusive than they seem at first glance.  Her sculpture shares a relationship with craft that is perversely funny–Inside Out #2 posits late-period Philip Guston working in three dimensions.  D’Arrigo’s work may concern itself with physical and, by implication, psychological anxiety, but it is also a source of comedy.  This combination may well be the artist’s gift.

© 1994

Originally published in the December 1994 edition of The New York Review of Art.

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